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We're all familiar with the term "love at first sight." Two people gaze across a crowded room; their eyes meet and they instantly fall madly in love as magically as if they were hit by Cupid's arrow. Well, that happens more often in fairytales and on the silver screen rather than real life but love at first sight can and does occur. The question most people would ask is "Does it last?" The answer to that question is as unique and diverse as the multitude of relationships out there. To sum it up simply, for some people a love at first sight, whirlwind romance may last a lifetime; for others it may fizzle before it really begins to brew.

Some people believe that falling in love instantaneously is the work of fate. An example of this is what many have referred to as soul mates. It is believed that two people that are destined to be together will find each other across space, time or even on the Internet. Of course, when it comes to romance anything is possible. So yes, love at first sight is possible, just not for everyone.

Although we can often be enticed by a person's outer physical features or their great online profile, what lies beneath may be something quite different. And although first impression may be the start of a relationship, after getting to know someone, we may find them to be opposite of what we had imagined. So, unless you have a long courting process with your special someone, you may not truly know your mate until you spend more face to face time with him or her.

It is unfortunate, but some romances turn sour and are short-lived once the couple ties the knot or moves in together because they find that they actually have less in common than they had originally believed. While love at first sight can be romantic, exciting and adventurous, it can also turn out to be not what you had imagined.

There's nothing wrong with craving a fairytale romance as long as you keep your long-term expectations firmly grounded in the real world. Even Prince Charming had his off days.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Love at First Sight

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