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If you've tried internet personals in the past but haven't had a lot of luck with them, or if you're considering trying internet personals for the first time, there is only one truly important thing to worry about: writing the perfect online profile. Now a "perfect profile" isn't one which will appeal to everyone, rather it is one that will appeal to precisely the type of people you want to meet. Perfect profiles lead to good responses and successful dating experiences. Best of all, writing the perfect profile can be a lot of fun once you know how.

First of all, in crafting the personal ad, you must be honest about everything. You may not exaggerate your height or your annual income. You may not downplay your weight or your lifestyle habits (i.e. smoking, drinking, ...). You may not lie about what you want or your marital status. Dishonesty in profiles may actually get you some good responses. However, it will almost always guarantee that those responses will not turn into good dating or relationship experiences. No one likes being lied to. While on the topic of honesty, you should avoid answering any question in your profile with "Prefer not to say" or "I'll tell you later" or any other non-committal answer that is available to you. Most people will assume that if you're not willing to be upfront about the answer to a question then the answer is a negative.

The perfect profile should also be complete. Answer all the questions presented to you even if some of them seem silly or excessive. The people who run these dating services are professionals at this; if they have a question in the profile creation, there's a reason for it. When filling in any questions where you're asked to type a response rather than select one, don't assume that brevity is always best.

The next qualification for a perfect profile is that it should be correct. You should never publish a personal on any site without at least running it through a spell-check program and proofreading it at least once. Ideally, you should be able to have someone else proofread it as well. Use proper capitalization and punctuation. Even if someone has the patience to read through an ad rife with misspellings and run on sentences, is that really how you want to represent yourself to prospective dates?

Finally, the perfect profile should be unique. Don't spend hours trying to think of clever responses. Don't over-analyze. Initially, you should answer every question with the first thing that pops into your head. You can always go back and edit later if you think of something better that is still entirely true to the person you are. But often, our first thoughts are our best thoughts and should be trusted. Unique profiles do not apologize � the words "I'm sorry" have no place in an internet personal ever. Unique profiles are unafraid.

The goal in writing a profile for any online website is not to find someone who is perfect. Perfect people are boring after awhile. What you want to attract is the perfect person for you. Once you've finished rereading your profile, you should ask yourself: Do I like this person? Would I want to meet this person?

If you've been successful, the answer to those questions will always be "Yes."

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Internet Personals: Writing the Perfect Profile

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