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A broken relationship isn't the end of the world although it may appear that way. When your significant other heads out the door it doesn't have to be a devastating event unless you allow it to be. Sure, you're going to be hurt and angry and it's okay to feel that way. It's only natural to be feeling those emotions. If you feel like crying then go ahead and cry. Release the hurt but remember that your life is certainly not over and your ex is not the only person in the world. Don't think revenge; don't try to make your ex jealous. All that sort of behavior does is keep you emotionally locked into a painful situation. Let go, walk away, move on and be better for it.

Sometimes a break-up can be positive; think of it as a type of cleansing. That's probably not something you really want to hear following a break-up but it is something you should seriously consider. Everything happens for a reason. That's a statement that most of us are familiar with even if we don't believe it. To put that more accurately, it's not that we don't believe it; it's that we don't want to believe it. Some relationships just aren't meant to be. If a relationship is meant to work then the difficulties will be resolved.

Life has a way of working things out no matter how much we may protest. One relationship may break-up in order for a better one to develop. Often people will look back and think something like; "I would've never met such a great guy as Tom if it wasn't for that awful break-up with John." Sometimes one door really does close so that another one can open.

So how do you get over a break-up? Well, you could stay in bed with a box of Kleenex for your red, runny nose and a box of chocolates for your ego or if you're a guy you might walk around with your angry, wounded ego puffed up like a male cat announcing territorial dominance but that wouldn't really accomplish anything anyway. Then again, you could pretend that you don't care and the whole situation doesn't bother you one bit except you'd be lying to yourself. So just admit your feelings, acknowledge them and let go. Then get up, get out there and live life.

Be yourself and have fun. Don't dwell on the past and don't wallow in depression or be consumed by anger. The best thing to do is to move on. You should be careful though not to jump into the first relationship that comes along to soothe your wounded ego. Some people are so fearful of being alone or unattached that they tend to get entangled in relationships that are not healthy.

People are often in a vulnerable state following the break-up of a relationship. Don't let anyone take advantage of you by thinking you're on the rebound. You should also take care not to get involved again too quickly just because you feel that you should be involved or because your friends all have steady relationships. Move at your own pace and do what you feel is right.

Take your time and find someone who is right for you. Have confidence in yourself and don't think that you're incomplete just because there's not a special someone in your life at the moment. You can go out with your friends, meet new singles and get to know them but you don't have to commit to anyone until you're ready. You'll know you're ready for a new relationship when you meet that special someone. Get over a break-up by not letting the break-up get to you.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » How to Bounce Back From a Broken Relationship

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