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You're out shopping, doing laundry or at a club, and you see the girl of your dreams standing in the distance. You work up the courage to go talk to her, and you finally move in. You say something like "Hi, my name is Dan" and before you know it, she comes up with a reason to leave. What happened? Men make three common mistakes when meeting single women. So, you need to be aware of these common blunders so you can prevent yourself from doing them.

Mistake Number One:

One of the biggest misstep that guys make when approaching and meeting new women is being too much of a nice guy. This is so common in men that many women have developed excuses to ditch these types of chaps ("sorry I have a boyfriend"). Being overly nice to a woman you meet is telling her that you care about her way too much, and you are trying really hard to win her over.

We all have grown up learning that we have to treat woman so nicely and buy them flowers all the time and all of that, this can be true when your in a romantic relationship, but the truth is it doesn't work when meeting women. If you want to improve your success with the ladies, disassociate these ideas you have about dating and replace them with the way reality really is. The old saying "Nice guys finish last" is absolutely true when it comes to matchmaking.

It's not about being a jerk when meeting women, because this won't get you results either. You can be a charming and funny which creates that chemistry to make women feel great without being an overly nice bloke. The trick is to not care so much of the outcome with a woman, which will cover in the next section.

Mistake Number Two:

Another pitfall the male species fall into is caring too much about the outcome. When most guys meet women, before they even talk to her they think "I want her to be my girlfriend" or "I want to sleep with her". It's true that most chaps are programmed to think this way, but letting these feelings show is showing the girl that she has more value than you.

Think about it, if you walk up to a girl and get all nervous and try real hard to impress her, she's going to think that she is more important than you are. Why would a girl want to date someone when they think they are better than that person? As humans, we try to date the best we can get, and we don't feel natural attraction for those who we see as "below us".

So how do you get around this? Don't even create a desired outcome when you are trying to impress a lady. When you meet women, just say to yourself "whatever happens happens". Remember there are millions of other girls out there, if it doesn't work out you can always move on to the next.

Mistake Number Three:

The third most common gaffe that you gents make is being too easy. Think about a cat for a moment. When you hold up a piece of string above a cat, the cat will try to grab the piece of string, but when you put the sting on the ground, the cat won't even touch it. The same is true with humans; we don't desire what is easy for us to have. Do you feel desire for the television in your living room, or the one at the local Best Buy store?

When you meet new women, never tell them that you like them, never ask them for their phone numbers right away, and never let the woman lead the interaction. To put it simply, be a man that females swoon over.

To avoid making this slip-up, do what many single women do and play hard to get, mildly. You do not want the girl to know that you want her, because she will know she can have you and it won't be fun for her. Instead try to make her want to impress you. This can be done by simply acting completely comfortable around her, like she's a friend or family member. Then instead of asking her for a date, just say "I have to get going", and let her ask you for a date. Of course if she doesn't ask you when you are walking away turn around and say "Hey you seem like you could be a good friend, do you have a phone number?" Of course you don't want to be just friends with her, but saying this will make her wonder "why doesn't he want to be more than friends? Maybe I should try harder to get him to like me"

Meeting new women can seem intimidating when starting out. If you follow this dating advice, remain calm, and have a little fun with this, you will be on your way to meeting the women of your dreams.

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