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It's an unstated dating rule that men wait for up to two weeks to call a woman after a date. No one wants to look desperate or psycho, so most guys impose certain restrictions on how soon to call. Even if they have no other prospects, they'll still wait to call their dates back no matter how hard it may be.

For the male species, two weeks is the average wait time for a post-date call back. But a lot can happen in two weeks. If the date went well and the guy wants to call sooner, say within 3 days, it is allowable. In fact, she'd appreciate it if she feels the same about her experience with him. On the flip side, if one wait for too long, another guy may come along and ruin one's chances with a potentially great person. Or she may simply forget the great time shared.

How soon is too soon?

The question of how soon is too soon to call a date back is subjective. The guys should ask themselves how removed do they want to be. The man rule of waiting to call back is usually because men want to appear to be aloof and busy with other women. The best bet is to call while the date is still fresh in their minds and is able to recall the fun they had and how great the date went.

And of course it is okay to wait a while to call back if one is legitimately busy. But some guys hold back on calling their dating partners because they're trying to act like they are a lady's man with hundreds of dates. The down side to that is she'll probably see through it and the chances of a second date went out the window.

It's safe to say that calling back within 24 hours of the date is too soon because it leaves something to the imagination. Calling back three days later is usually a good timeframe, as she'll be starting to wonder if the interest is mutual or not. Calling back a week later is okay, too, but pushing it. She may be starting to think something went wrong, but everyone has a life, so a weekend date could be ideal. Calling back after two weeks is okay, but chances are slimmed at that point. Don't bother calling back past three weeks � she'll sense the desperation.

If the date involved any romantic adventures, including making out or more, then it definitely deserve a call back within the first 48 hours. Waiting longer may imply an interest in getting your companion in bed or worse yet, that she wasn't good at whatever you she was doing.

Women are not on Men's call-frequency wavelength

Women do not understand men's call frequency rules. They assume the worst: She thought the date went well, but because her guy hasn't called, she believes that he's not interested. She may start to forget the good time she had and think there is no future with her new prospective dating partner. Worse yet, she might really want to see him again but may feel uncomfortable initiating the second meeting because traditionally, it's the man's place to make the moves.

In today's hustle and bustle world, women see nothing wrong with men calling within the first week after the date if the date went really well. But if a guy allow his date to believe that he might not be interested, then chances are future dates may be out of the question. Looking at it from a woman's prospective, most women tend to think that a man who doesn't call back after a great date is rude, uncaring and not worth the bother.

When not to call back

Then again, there are times when one shouldn't call back. For example, don't call back within the first 24 hours because it screams of desperation and a possible control freak. No matter how great the date went, respect their space and hold off on calling. They won't expect a call back so soon, so rest easy knowing they won't be waiting for that call.

If the date went bad but there is potential for a good date in the future, then call them back. But if the chemistry just isn't there, then don't call back. Don't lead her on and make her think you're interested if you aren't.

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