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It can be challenging to meet singles. And when you finally do meet someone, it can be sometimes hard to tell if you are dating a keeper or a loser. Some singles can be so charming, and the excitement of having a regular dating partner can often leave people blinded with bliss. Your friends may not be available for a second opinion of your suspicions, or perhaps they set you up with him or her. Well, here are a few ways to tell if your date could be a loser.

Has Little Patience

If you have been out and about and noticed that the person you're with has a low patience level, then he or she may be a loser. Is your date easily stressed out by seemingly normal situations? If they're caught in traffic or at a long red light, do they get antsy and impatient? Have you seen him or her react in an unfriendly manner to wait staff or baristas when dinner or drinks aren't served promptly? If you can answer yes to these questions or recall similar instances of them losing their cool quickly, it may be that they will one day grow impatient over something small with you.

Only Talks About Themselves

In conversations, does your date only talk about themselves? This is a possible sign of nervousness, as well as a possible sign of someone who has little interest in you. If the second choice is true, they could be the type who would place little importance on your thoughts, opinions and feelings. A respectful date with manners and an interest in you will ask you questions and keep the dating conversation two-way.

Drinks a Lot On The Date

If you meet your date for drinks, watch how many drinks they have. If you notice he or she is really slamming down the cocktails or beers, they may have a drinking problem. Ditto if the person you're with drinks to the point of slurring or getting really tanked. These are possible signs of a drinking problem, or at least a problem with responsibility. Responsible adults know their limits, and most people trying to make a good impression will hold off on having too many drinks for fear of embarrassment.

On this same note, watch to see if they are driving home while under the influence. That is a true sign of a loser. Again, responsible adults know when to stop drinking; they also know how dangerous drinking and driving can be.

Have Wandering Eyes

If your date doesn't maintain at least some level of eye contact with you during the date, it could be that they are nervous. It could also mean that he or she is hiding something, lost interest or even checking out others while on the date with you. Guys are especially prone to this type of behavior. But regardless of gender, you should consider ditching them immediately if that is the case. You want someone who can commit, and if they're already eyeing other women or men in the room, that's a bad sign.

Have Poor Manners

If your date has poor manners, not only would you have a problem being around them for long periods of time, it could be downright embarrassing. Some of the most common ones are chewing with their mouth open, interrupting you when you're talking, using their cell phone during dinner � or worse yet � during the movie. If they haven't learned etiquette yet, they probably never will.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » A Discerning Singles Guide to Matchmaking

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