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Is a picture really worth a thousand words? When it comes to online personals, this adage doesn't always hold true. It can be very difficult to tell what someone really looks like from one single headshot and personal descriptions can be just as vague. Whether you search personal ads to find friends, dates or potential mates, there are a number of tips that can help you differentiate straightforward personals from those designed with deception in mind.

Photo Ads

Not all web profiles include photos and although looks can be deceiving, it's a fact that physical chemistry matters. Physical appearance is the first order of attraction, and everything else follows. Once we're attracted to the outer shell of an individual, we allow ourselves to explore their psyche. Not everyone ranks on the upper end of the attractiveness scale, but there must be some level of physical attraction between two people.

Technological advancements have made digital cameras more reasonable than ever, and very affordable disposable models are available. If the author of a personal ad hasn't taken the time to include at least one clear color photo, either they aren't concerned with achieving results or they might not be confident in their appearance. They could be hoping to meet someone who will fall in love with their personality, but an image formed in the mind can be completely different than the individual behind the words.

When searching for new singles to meet, look online for profiles with at least one full-length colored photo. It's difficult to tell if someone has a particular body type if only his or her face is pictured. Someone significantly overweight, extremely thin, or otherwise out of shape might not want to show any more than his or her face. Don't be afraid to request additional photos. It's better to have a clear picture of a person before meeting rather than have to make up excuses later the chemistry isn't there.

Personal Descriptions

Personal descriptions can be as deceptive as photos. Don't assume that because you've placed an honest ad that others with similar interests have been equally as truthful. This leads back to the subject of photo ads. If someone says they're just a few pounds overweight, if they haven't included a full-length colored photo, they might be miscalculating. If body type is an important consideration, don't rely on a personal description alone.

If someone claiming to have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English but creates a profile filled with misspelled words and grammatical errors, consider the ad questionable. If the information within a personal doesn't add up, chances are it isn't truthful information. Sometimes people embellish ads in order to make a better online impression. They don't stop to consider that upon meeting, potential dates will realize they weren't entirely up front.

Look for well-written personal descriptions that are fully filled in. Avoid those riddled with misspellings and vague information. Subjects not filled in are sometimes as important to consider as subjects that are. Take all information into consideration, and watch for discrepancies after beginning a correspondence. Have fun while meeting new singles online, but remain vigilant. Reading between the lines can help you sort out personals that may not be entirely honest and you might eventually meet the love of your life.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Online Personals: How to Read Between the Lines

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