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So you find yourself single again. Your partner has left you to fend for yourself in a world that seems increasingly complex and unfriendly. The reason is unimportant, but you've gone through a period of acclimatization and have decided you are emotionally ready to start dating again. Don't glide over that concept: make sure you are no longer attached to your ex-partner. Nothing will kill a budding relationship quicker than looking back; referring to the person you used to be with. Any interested single will get the impression you're still grieving over the separation, or they are competing with your old mate.

Let's take it for granted you are feeling optimistic, a little lonely, and ready to start a new relationship; you're just not sure how to re-enter into the dating scene. It's been so long since you met anyone new, so long since you had to mingle to expand your social circle beyond friends and family. The days of meeting other eligible singles in a bar are pretty well passe: it's usually too loud and too distracting to get to know anyone, besides there's always the possibility that they are too intoxicated to deal with.

We are living in a new millennium and along with so many technical innovations have come a series of social changes. Most single people don't use bars and night clubs to meet other singles anymore. Sure, there's still an occasional relationship sparked up in a crowded bistro, but serious singles have better places to be. In the 21st century, many men and women are concerned about their physical appearance; they want to present a trim fit version of themselves for potential suitors. This obsession with looks has filled up the gyms, spas, and health clubs, many of which have mixed gender memberships. You can imagine the parade of bachelors and bachelorettes strutting through a fitness salon, flexing their muscles or showing off their sleek svelte figure. It's hard to imagine a more obvious version of "the Dating Game". Do you see anyone you like?

Is this too superficial for you? If you are part of the Generation Y crowd, you may find that doing your laundry can serve a second purpose. Most of the 30's and older dating crowd already have washing machines, or live in buildings that offer such amenities, but many twenty something singles still have to schlep their dirty clothes to a neighborhood Laundromat. This often necessitates sitting for a few hours waiting for laundry to wash, dry, and then folding it. This empty time can be put to better use than reading the paper or doing a crossword: look for and chat up people of the opposite sex. It's not uncommon for two inexperienced young housekeepers to find common ground over the rumble of the clothes dryers; often cell numbers are exchanged, or a rendezvous made. If nothing else you've had social contact while cleaning your clothes.

If you're not obsessed with your physical appearance, and are a little more established, don't forget the fact that millions of singles are meeting online. Depending on your particular tastes, you can meet singles of similar type at mainstream dating sites like to online matchmaking services like or niche singles websites like Because we live in a very instant access world, it makes sense that you'd meet other eligible singles at places like the local health clubs, Laundromats and even on the web. There are endless opportunities for romance, so stop lamenting your recent break-up, move on from the last relationship, put a smile on your face and give yourself a chance to find another soul mate and life will seem a lot rosier.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » A Guide for the Newly Single

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