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The first date with any woman can be the most nerve-wracking experience. You want everything to be perfect, which is difficult. You want the weather to be nice, the restaurant to be perfect and the movie to be great. While some things are out of your control, certain things are not. These are what you should be focused on if you want to get a second date.

Some single women are not just out to impress you or to be impressed by you; they're sizing you up to see what type of a long-term partner you might be. There are some things that will more than likely disqualify you for follow up dates, and here they are. While they wouldn't be unforgivable around your buddies, women will count these against you in the dating world. Needless to say, they should be avoided at all costs.

Being Dirty

No matter what you were doing before the date, you should be clean and presentable when you meet her. You could have been at work, wrangling cattle, working on your car or at the gym beforehand. Any evidence of these activities should be washed clean before you go out to meet your date.

You should be showered, your clothes should be clean and your fingernails should be trimmed. Your hair should be clean and styled. You should be wearing deodorant, facial hair groomed and with fresh breath. Women place a great deal of value on all-around cleanliness, and to get that second date, you should as well.

Being Dirty

No matter what your vocabulary or knowledge of dirty jokes, foul language or sexually explicit jokes and comments should be avoided on the first date. Your date is more than likely determining whether she could introduce you to her girlfriends and eventually her parents. She won't if you have a potty mouth or are insinuating dirty thoughts around her during the first meeting.

Unless she starts using colorful language or shares a nasty joke with you, take this tip and hold off on doing either until you know her better. You don't want to offend anyone.

Being Cheap

The first date is a celebration of sorts, which could lead to a long-term relationship. Women view this as a time to go all out. Being cost-conscious has its advantages, but being cheap doesn't. So if you have a say in which restaurant to go to, don't choose an all-you-can-eat buffet or fast food. Choose a place with a nice atmosphere. If you are on a limited budget, meet her for coffee and a matinee.

Most women don't expect a man to pay for everything, but first meetings are a time for her to gauge what type of provider you might be should the relationship blossom. There are women who prefer to pay their own way. Paying "Dutch" can be unfamiliar territory for some guys, but if the woman wants to pay her way, let her. Either way, you better be able to pay for your way.

Being Rude

There is no excuse for bad manners, particularly when meeting a woman for a first date. If you are rude, she will not want a second date. No matter what happens on the first date, remember your manners. This includes bad service at the restaurant, someone cutting you off in traffic, and the idiot kid in the theatre that won't stop talking. Do not chew with your mouth open, monopolize the conversation or forget to open doors for her. Don't be overly touchy-feely with her and don't assume you're going to get in bed with her. While you may be unconscious of these things, she isn't. Women value manners and romance. Men with it consistently get second dates.

Talking About Your Exes

Do not talk about your exes. She may ask you about previous relationships, and if so, politely tell her what she wants to know. Do hold back the details and do not give a long-winded answer. Even if you are still hurt by the divorce or still getting over a breakup, don't let your date know. Rather, give her the attention she deserve and show her why you are such a wonderful catch.

Avoiding these five dating faux pas will help you get a second date. Chemistry and atmosphere of the first date play large parts in whether a second date is necessary, but avoiding the items above will definitely assist you in making a great impression on her. If you have successfully avoided all of the aforementioned mistakes, simply ask her when you say goodbye if she'd be interested in meeting with you again. You might be surprised to hear her answer.

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