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Internet matchmaking has made finding friends, dates and potential mates, easier than ever before. Singles who are looking for companionship, friendship and romance can search through countless personal ads submitted by others seeking the same. Age, location and interests are completely searchable, and when likeminded singles find each other, they can easily connect.

The key to obtaining results from online personals is attention-grabbing content. Web profiles with low-quality photos and vague introductions don't get the attention and results gained by complete well-written descriptions and high-quality photos. If you're serious about finding new friends and dates, take the time to write a compelling ad that is sure to capture attention and make you appear as attractive and as interesting as you truly are.

Photo Tips

Have you ever searched through web personals and wondered why people chose to post photos that were for obviously less than becoming? It isn't difficult to notice when a photo isn't flattering. Photos taken at incorrect angles, too close in range or with unflattering shadows and lighting won't grab anyone's attention.

If you want to attract attention to yourself, post high-quality digital photos and submit the highest resolution possible in accordance with the dating service website specifications and guidelines. It may take several tries before achieving the perfect photo, but it's worth the time and effort. Experiment with lighting, angles, and backgrounds, and post a digital photo that portrays your image in the best possible light.

Physical attraction is a major consideration. Besides posting a standard headshot, consider posting a full-length digital photo. Posting a full-length shot in addition to a close range headshot will leave no room for speculation regarding your physique. The more high-quality photos you post, the better your chances of receiving favorable responses.

Profile Tips

Profiles that aren't fully filled in aren't going to receive as many responses as completed descriptions. Be sure to provide clear, concise and cleverly written answers when completing your personals. If your answers are vague or nonexistent, online singles reading over your profile won't be at all impressed or persuaded to respond. Filling in the entire online profile conveys interest and sincerity.

Don't be tempted to embellish your internet personals with exaggerations regarding your abilities, occupation, hobbies, or your physical appearance. Let your personality guide you in developing your profile and let the real you shine through. Deception might lead to a first date, but if you want to meet other web singles who will appreciate the real you, opt for complete honesty. Otherwise, don't plan on finding someone who will give you a second chance let alone a second glance.

Proofread your web personal before submitting your online ad. First impressions mean a lot, and personal ads littered with misspelled words and glaring grammatical errors won't make a good impression. Make sure your online profile is accurate and it's thoughtfully as well as intelligently written. Attention grabbing personal ads are filled with interesting facts, clear digital photos and information that contemplatively portrays the essence of who they are, whether they're simply looking to be matched up with new friends or seeking the love of their life.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Tips for Writing Attention-Grabbing Personal Ads

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