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Date NightIn this day and age where men often cook for women on their dates, the days when a woman cooked her way into her guy's heart seem to be long past. Cooking for someone is usually a way of showing you care and would definitely like to invest more time and effort in the relationship. It is also intimate, especially if the couple has met fairly recently.

For a woman to cook hasn't lost all its charm for a man. After all, who doesn't like a good dinner? But a woman may not want to be identified by her cooking skills alone. A good rule of thumb may be to avoid cooking for a guy for at least the first five dates. This gives your potential partner the chance to make an effort to please you by racking his brains for places to take you. He may not pick up the entire tab, but he sure would try to make sure you had fun. In the meanwhile you may learn enough about him to know if he is worth the effort of cooking a special dinner for.

If you do care and want the relationship to continue, cooking a romantic dinner can be a good way to take the affair one step further. But this is strictly if you limit yourself to cooking a few times and not every day, after the first dinner at your place has been a success. You don't want him to take you for granted. Let him don an apron every once in a while! The dinners should be done well and if you are not a good cook, feel free to supplement the table with gourmet take-outs and cook very simple fare yourself. A good dessert, creamy and luscious, is just what you need to end such a meal. Or maybe don't cook at all and go the French way with bread, wine cheese and fruit.

In an established, long-term relationship, cooking definitely has to be shared in order not to become a burden. Guys simply love women that cook well. On the flip side, women love for their guys to pitch in to help. All that is needed in the kitchen is a bit of common sense and whipping up a simple yet delicious meal is not rocket science. The modern kitchen comes armed with a huge array of gadgets and is not as much of a mess as it used to be before.

The idea of cooking a dinner for a man is all about creating a special ambience of romance and togetherness. It is as much the music, the background and the presentation of the food as the cooking. It may be one of the ways to a man's heart but definitely no longer the only one. A woman today is appreciated for more qualities than her skills in the kitchen or at home. She needs to be able to make intelligent conversation, be well groomed and be generally independent, not to mention desirable and glamorous! And well, if she can't cook, no sane man will give her up for that alone.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Is Cooking the Way to Man's Heart?

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