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Good attitude has profound effect on your flirting efficiency. Highly sexed people think positively and live for the day. That is what makes them great flirts and great in bed. With good attitude, a simple online flirt session can turn into an exciting online adventure.

Unlike physical flirting where body language can be employed effectively, online flirting limits you to primarily text or streaming audio. Even with streaming video and audio, it is what you say that is the most priceless weapon in churning out flirty sentiments. But some information must never be shared. The first rule in cyber dating is to know what consists of personal information and keeping it personal.

Internet dating is an exciting place to meet all kinds of singles. Some may find you attractive, while others may not. Some personals may turn you on, others may put you off. And so on and so forth. That's online dating for you. So how does flirting come into play when you meet singles on the net? Well for starters, flirting in general is an exciting way for web daters to get to know each other in a playful manner. It's a way of entertaining by using your wit to grab the attention of someone you fancy.

A flirtatious internet chat generates chemistry and at the same time builds good tension in your love buds. Since you never get to see the other person physically, many questions may run through your head. At times, you may not even have something useful to say. It happens even to the best of flirts. Remember internet dating is about making a connection with what a person has written in their online personal. Web flirting is about revealing that profile. If you perhaps look at from that angle, then you will realize that it's simple as that.

Keep in mind that when online, your potential dates are always trying to answer the matchmaking question, "Do I fancy this person?" As soon as they get that answer, they may decide to move on or stay up and chat. It's up to you to project a desirable persona and hope your chat mate sees it, or at least takes notice.

Here are some tips on how to be a great web flirt:

Provide Great Conversation

Every one has a story to tell, but not everyone makes great conversation. Keep the exchanges generally casual. Read books, watch movies or keep up to date with current affairs. In other words, develop knowledge and own this knowledge. Relate some these events into your chat session. In most cases, words are all you got so use them appropriately and to your advantage. By all means, try and say something that sparks interest. Do not bore your cyber mate with issues that have no bearing on what brought you to talk with them in the first place.

Describe your Image

Anything that speaks visual is good for an online flirt. Tease and titillate without being vulgar. A woman should understand and appreciate that an erotic description of her physical features is alluring to any man. If you have sulky lips like those of Angelina Jolie, say it. If you have been told you have a curvaceous figure, by all means let them know. Make the other person want to see you with their own eyes.

Ask Questions to Spark Imagination

Where would you take me for a dream vacation? Ask what he or she would like to do, if both of you were to go to some exotic destination. This will let you know if your web mate is fun to be with, or at least share the same interests with you. It's also a way of getting to know the other person's sense of life.

Ask them their wildest fantasy

Every normal person has a wild fantasy, especially when it comes to exploring sexuality and making love. Do not be afraid to reveal your fantasy. Deep down, the other person may feel obliged to reveal theirs also. Do not be shocked with what they might come up with, go along with it. After all, you will still keep your anonymous status. Whatever thoughts you may have about your chat mate are okay. Evidently, keep your fantasies real. For flirting sake, make the other person feel they can make them come true.

Keep an Open Mind

Keep your initial reactions about your cyberspace friend in check. Making wild and negative assumptions about the other web dater is sure way of killing a flirty chat. Allow them to reveal themselves. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so let them do it and keep an open mind about it. Do not dirty talk, especially if it is your first time chatting up the other person. Build trust and show honesty in your words. Try and make the other person see the brighter side of whatever it is you are both discussing.

Free Spirit Attitude

A playful free spirit attitude will sure endear yourself to others, so do not lock yourself into a cocoon and think people will want to dig out the person you are. Having an optimistic frame of mind could mean you can push on ahead with anything that is important.

Sending the Right Vibes

Humans have an inbuilt system of responding to certain advances. Being a good flirt means you send the right vibes to the other person and hope for a favorable response. If you have loads of confidence oozing out of your every pore, the other person will definitely sense it. Be cautious though, some people appear to be confident in front of a computer than in the physical. If you are rather a shy person as far as love matters are concerned, then try flirting on the net. It will do wonders in boosting your confidence.

Be Humorous

Polite laughs during a chatty conversation are a great way of worming your way into their affections. Make them laugh by being a little naughty or suggestive, but avoid sounding obscene or vulgar.

Show Vulnerability

Women just love hopeless romantics unafraid to talk about their emotions and how their heart feels. As a man, you don't want to seem desperate, just lovable. Play the innocent child and she will let you into her forbidden territory; that is her heart. Be careful with this, she might start falling for you. Women should learn to take matters of the heart with a pinch of salt and enjoy themselves as the chat conversation goes on.

Seek Attention

Talk about the future, like you see the other person in it. Do not make it a habit of nipping people's attention and as soon as you have it, you advance to your next conquest. With flirting, you can always know if the person is good for you or not. If they are not what you are looking for, let them know early. Do not waste other people's time, and certainly do not waste yours.

In conclusion, almost all women love being flirted with and appreciate a man who is skilled, while men just love women who flirt with a bit of grace and flair. It takes a little bit of creativity and skill to be playful with someone of the opposite sex. Becoming a good flirt is all about changing how you feel about yourself. A little flirting could go a long way in initiating contact in cyber dating. Yet you wouldn't know how good or bad you at flirting if you do not try. All you need to do is at least try.

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