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Aromatic FlowersSince ancient times, we have used perfumes to excite and titillate the senses. The word "perfume" comes from the Latin per fumum, meaning "through smoke", possibly due to the practice of using fumes from the burning of incense to make the body and long tresses fragrant. The art of perfumes was practiced in ancient times by the Hindus, the Egyptians, the Chinese, as also the Greeks and Romans. Most often it was extracted from flowers or extracted from animal glands, like that of the musk deer. It was banned as a form of sorcery in 18th century England because of its repute as an aid in seduction.

To this day, perfumes are much prized for the effect the wearers have on those around them, particularly on those of the opposite sex. Women are credited with a stronger sense of smell and thus men who smell right are said to receive more attention. And conversely, a woman who smells divine, mysterious, fresh or flowery will attract men accordingly. A perfume can set a mood or give you a headache, depending on your own unique preferences. It is also not to be selected in haste as it takes time to reveal all its aspects. The primary, secondary and the final, lingering fragrance may be completely different and may send out different messages.

As body odor equates to bad odor in our minds, it may seem unlikely that we actually like to buy perfume that has the nearest chemical composition to that of our own individual natural perspiration. But new research has proven beyond reasonable doubt that this is indeed the case. Thus, by wearing a perfume, we are subconsciously accentuating what we actually smell like, be it citrus, wood or flowery, to attract potential mates.

Satin and LaceIn the world of scents, another buzzword related to human sweat is "pheromones" which are actually an odorless substance in a person's sweat detected only by the Jacobson's organ present in the nose of members of the opposite sex. This substance is reportedly mixed with provocative fragrances to increase their aphrodisiac qualities, as pheromones are said to trigger sexual responses in our brain. There are pheromone perfumes for men and for women, and though their efficacy can vary from person to person, they rule the seduction game.

While ongoing research is still to establish the complete truth about the seductive powers of perfumes, it is undeniable that perfumes do have an effect on the impression a man has of a woman and vice-versa. A musky or spicy smell does invite a woman to get to know a man further and a heady, mysterious perfume confers those qualities to the woman wearing it. It definitely makes sense to wear different perfumes to a business lunch and a romantic dinner date.

The methods of perfuming may vary. An incense for the room may help set a romantic tone to an evening of love, a fragrant bath or massage oil may relax and entice at the same time or an aromatic candle fuel fiery passions even further. A perfume is a great way to attract potential partners when single and ignite a sensual hot glow to an existing relationship. The idea is to know what suits individual tastes and keep on experimenting till the right mixes has been found. Once you discover that a particular romantic perfume works for you, stick to it, because it will imprint in a way no words or actions ever can in the memory of the person that you are with.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Perfuming For Seduction

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