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Online LoveCruising the dynamic online dating scene can be quite exciting and sorting through the endless number of personal ads can become a very addictive curiosity. And although the prospects are many, after a while, you may start to notice that the options are sometimes few. Website search tools filter those who don't meet specific criteria, but search tools aren't the complete answer when looking for like-minded singles for friendship or dating. It's up to each individual to decide if the personals profiles meet their criteria and it's important to look for signs that indicate serious issues or dishonesty. Knowing which personals to avoid will help simplify your online dating experience, and as a result, you might even meet the man or woman of your dreams.

Life Stories - Those who elaborate on personal aspects of their life when posting personal ads for all to see could have serious issues or problems, and unless you don't mind playing psychologist, move on to the next prospect. It's especially wise to avoid profiles that mention former love interests and those that sound resentful. If a personal ad has a bitter overtone, you can only imagine the drama you'll face if you establish a correspondence or worse yet, begin a relationship.

Sappy Ads - There's nothing wrong with a clever profile designed with attention in mind, but if it sounds like something written by an aspirant philosopher or mystery writer, keep on searching. It's difficult to tell what someone is really like if they hide behind their words. Look for personal profiles that convey the essence of the real person and not someone trying to impress with sappy adages and adjectives.

Vague Descriptions - Avoid personal ads that aren't complete, especially if the unfinished areas are of great significance. Also, avoid personals with vague descriptions. Singles that are sincere about finding a friend or date generally answer any applicable questions in an effort to meet someone special. Pay careful attention to questions left unanswered. Sections left blank may say more about an individual than areas completely filled in.

New Singles - If you're looking for love, try to avoid those who recently left a serious relationship. Recently singled or divorced individuals are sometimes looking to quickly fill a void in their life and they're searching for anyone who fits an acceptable image in their mind. Although this isn't the case with every recently divorced or singled individual, proceed with caution and trust your instincts. You wouldn't want to become a second rate replacement.

This is by no means a complete list of guidelines, but it is a good starting reference for anyone who is new to the online dating scene. As you go through your search for new people to date, you may come up with additional guidelines. In which case, we encourage you to use this site as a mean to share your insight with other fellow online daters.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Personal Ads to Avoid

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