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We've all heard them. Some of us have been the subject of insultingly cheesy, wrinkled-up old pick-up lines. Some of us, in our desperation, have even used a few. And most of us have heard someone try this little number:

"Hey, babe, the word is legs. Wanna go back to my place and spread the word?"

As ridiculous as some of them are, there's a certain feeling of comfort and security in using old lines. After all, they don't give away anything about yourself so you don't have to feel vulnerable when approaching an intimidatingly gorgeous online darling with a cheesy pick up line. Best of all, it gives you an iron-clad excuse if you get rejected:

"Well, I shouldn't have used the cheesy 'legs' line. That's the only reason they said no�"

But wait�the point of trying to approach someone up is to meet a potential date, right? So why not put yourself in the best position possible to be successful? Usually, that means not using a line. Before you try a campy line on the next online hottie at the club, here are a few things you ought to consider�and a couple of alternatives to try instead.

Pick-up Lines Can Be Insulting.
Let's face it, most smart people are put off by dusty old lines. "Is your daddy a thief?" and "Are your legs tired?" make most of us want to go jump out the bathroom window. The fact is that most people who respond positively to these lines are really only acting out of pity. And who wants pity when you could get respect and interest instead?

Pick-up Lines Don't Show Off Your Personality.
The biggest problem with using these lines is that everybody and their uncle have used them before. They make you look just like everybody else, when all you're trying to do is impress your next potential date and stand out from the crowd. Starting off with a worn-out line immediately ruins your chances of proving that you're original, witty and clever.

Even the Famous Non-Lines Can Be Cheesy.
We've all heard somebody say, "I never do this, but�" Give us a break. People only use this line to pretend that it's not a line�and they're as transparent as a supermodel's underwear. Have some respect for yourself and your potential pick-up and stay away from these.

So What Can You Do?
If you absolutely, positively must use a line to start up a conversation, try something tongue-in-cheek that shows your sense of humor�and also shows that you're smart enough to know you're using a line. One successful ice-breaker is "I'm trying to think of a good pick-up line, but I can't think of any. What's your favorite?" Or, try a variation of an old, bad line: "Heard any bad pick-up lines here often?"

In reality, the best lines are not lines at all. How about "Hi, there. I'm Joe," and let the conversation flow from there. Simple as that. They'll respect you more for not relying on old, crappy lines to get their attention�and that can be the best attention-getting trick of all.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Why Pick-Up Lines Don't Work And a Few Things That Do

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