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Online Dating ProfileIn the online dating game, nothing sets you apart from the crowd like a well-written, unique online dating profile. This is your chance to make a great first impression. Even before the live date, people will decide whether they are interested in you or not based on what you write in your profile.

Aside from putting up great pictures of yourself on the profile, there are certain unstated guidelines to follow that will make your online personals profile special. The following tips will help you create a profile that gets you noticed and remembered.

Don't be negative or overly sarcastic.

Some of us are more sarcastic than others, and not everyone is positive all the time. However, you will want to be positive when writing your online dating profile and keep the sarcasm to a minimum. Negative or overly sarcastic personals might lead readers to think you will be consistently negative and jaded, which are not attractive traits.

Get a friend to review your profile before you post it.

Getting a friend to review your dating profile before it is posted will give you valuable proofreading. You will also get genuine feedback on whether your profile is realistic. No one knows you as well as your friends, and no one can help you describe a good match for you like they can. Friends can also help you decide on a flattering picture or two to include on your profile.

Be conversational, not formal.

Everyone loves a talented writer, but remember to leave your formal writing skills to term papers. Online dating is fun and carefree, not stuffy and formal. Proper English is a huge plus anywhere, but the profile you draft should have a conversational tone.

Have Fun!Have fun writing it.

Writing a dating profile can be a tough task, but you should have fun writing it. Don't start writing it if you are not in the mood to have fun with it. The site visitors reading your personal ad will take note that you appear to be fun and spontaneous, and you will get more potential dates. Who doesn't want to date someone who knows how to have a good time?

Don't bring up past relationships.

It is okay to note that you are fresh out of a relationship, if that is the case. It is not okay to discuss past relationships. You don't want to appear hung up on the past or still heartbroken over a lost love. Online dating is a fresh start for many singles, and no one wants to hear about the baggage you may carry. Stow it away neatly.

Avoid discussing your faults.

Everyone has their faults, but an online dating profile is not the place to discuss them. This profile is your first impression to potential dates. Certainly, if you met a person at a party, you wouldn't shake their hand and begin rattling off a series of your faults. There is no need to reveal your faults at this point. Rather, allow the dates to uncover them on their own or discuss them after a few dates.

Focus on what you like more than what you dislike.

In keeping a positive tone in the profile, list what you enjoy doing or like rather than what you don't like. A few pet peeves are okay, but there is no need to give a list of your dislikes. Doing so lead your prospective dates to believe you are not flexible and negative.

Spell check it.

You aren't being graded on your writing skill when drafting an online dating profile � or are you? Poor grammar and bad spelling are huge turn-offs for many singles. Write the profile in a word processing program with a spell checker and run the check before you post the profile.

Be Yourself!Don't use all capitals or Internet acronyms.

Although rare, some people still type in all capitals. This should not be done on an online dating profile, as all capitals indicate shouting or talking loudly. No one wants to date a shouter. Also, using a lot of Internet acronyms, such as LOL for laughing out loud, puts some people off. Not everyone is familiar with Internet acronyms, and speaking in code is considered rude.

Be honest.

Last but not least, be honest in your profile. Don't make yourself out to be someone you aren't. The people reading your profile will choose to date you because of who you are, not who you want to be. Dishonesty is usually obvious and will not lead to a second date. Honesty is always appreciated and will allow you to find your perfect match online.

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