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As just about every internet user knows, there are plenty of dating and matchmaking services in the online world, serving the needs of everyone from the casual dater to those seeking a long term committed relationship. For a number of years, however, one of the fastest growing dating services segments has been the faith based variety.

There are a number of explanations for the success of these religious based personals web sites and a quick look at some of them reveals some of what makes them so special. One of the things that separate the best faith based matchmaking services from all the rest is the depth and complexity of the questionnaire that new members complete when creating a profile.

While some online singles sites require little more than a fuzzy snapshot and a few words, many religious based dating services go much further, delving into feelings about family, religion, ethics and much more. While this in depth interview can make the process of signing up for such a service a bit time consuming, it can also result in a better set of matches for all involved.

After all, matching singles based on a set of shared values, instead of merely physical attractiveness, has been shown to have a much higher success rate, and many of the best known faith based services boast a high rate of marriages and have many success stories to tell.

In fact, it seems that these faith based matchmaking websites are a good deal closer to the way dating used to be than many competing services. In days past, many singles met in church, or at social functions, but as our lives have become busier and we have become more scattered many of these options are no longer available. Faith based dating seem to be more able to fill this need for connection that mainstream online dating services, and perhaps this is one of the explanations for their enormous success.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » The Power of Faith Based Matchmaking Services

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