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It is no secret that some women enjoy showing off or sporting the latest fashion wear. Not all women live on a budget that allows for such opulent desires. Sometimes these ladies develop a mutually beneficial dating relationship with a successful older man known as a sugar daddy, sugar baby partnership.

A sugar baby is typically between the ages of eighteen and thirty, attractive, and willing to spend time with a rich older gentleman in exchange for being spoiled. The term spoiled is very vague because all sugar daddy, sugar baby matchups are different. So, spoiled could mean as little as shopping sprees for new clothes now and then, to as much as full time accommodations, an allowance and a luxury car. These dating arrangements are generally made at the beginning of the relationship and are subject to change at either parties will.

Sugar daddies generally range between the ages of thirty and seventy five. They may be single or married and are generally an affluent member in the community. In most instances, because these wealthy men are in a very financially stable place in their life, the cost of having a young babe by their side is minute compared to the large scheme of things.

These millionaires, if you will, may decide to become a sugar dad if they are a business owner with little time for dating or they are married and their spouse is not fulfilling their sexual needs or desires. In today's hustle and bustle world, it's a common place to see how easy a marriage may grow apart. As a result, the husband may decide to become a sugar dad to compensate for the lack of female companionship. Of course, some men may just desire the company of a younger woman to show off in public. These instances brought about the term "arm candy".

Often times these ladies are enrolled in college. For whatever reason or circumstance, they choose to become sugar babe to cover expenses. Their sugar daddy compensates financially for money they would have made working. In return, she spends time with her senior benefactor at his convenience. This time may be as little as once or twice a month, to as much as on a daily basis. In most cases, the sugar daddy, sugar baby relationship is not full-time, but rather part time.

This type of arrangement may or may not include sexual favors. This is decided between themselves and the romantic connection they have formed. Most people think that all guys expect or demand intimate favors from their companion. This is often the case; however it is not always true. There are some instances where the wealthy older man just enjoys the companionship of a younger, attractive female. The relationship is plutonic in nature, where the man showers the female with extravagant gifts. This type of matchmaking happens more often than you may think, typically in relationships where the rich older gentleman friend is married and desires the attention of the younger female without the sexual attachments.

Sugar babes often are able to meet and date other men when involved in a sugar daddy, sugar baby relationship. However, they usually are required to be available when her benefactor is in town or makes arrangements to visit. This is usually not a problem because when he visits, presents are usually involved. Most guys only ask that they not discuss other relationships while they are together.

The majority of these match making arrangements are temporary. They last only as long as they are beneficial to both parties. Either she reaches a point when she falls in love with someone else or her rich boyfriend decides to romance someone else. Although sometimes these match ups lead to marriage, more often than not, the two simply grow apart. Life time friendships may result, but the monetary support generally stops.

Sugar daddy, sugar baby dating are personal choices made by consenting adults. These relationships are mutually beneficial to both partners because they fulfill a need or desire for all concerned. If you're ready to explore this lifestyle, the quickest and easiest way to do so is on the internet. Millionaire dating services and wealthy men personals websites are very much like the typical mainstream personal ads sites, but capture the niche of executives, the very rich and the extremely beautiful.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » What is a Sugar Daddy?

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