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Ask most women and they will tell you that the majority of men have a personality which is flawed, to say the least. That may not be strictly true, but women tend to hold up an ideal which they measure all other things against. We all know perfection does not exist, but there are certain personality traits that women love.

A little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way. Women like to feel that they are being appreciated and being attentive to her is a good way of showing your appreciation. Simple acts like making her a cup of tea or surprising her with dinner are instantly endearing and should help to cement a place in her affections. That is, until the next time that she's upset with you.

A common gripe for women is that men aren't too good on the communications front, so any man that will willingly sit down and discuss his past, present and future - however incriminating it may be - is worth their weight in gold. It's also viewed as being sensitive, which is also seen as a good quality, just as long as you don't come across as being too sensitive.

Contrary to popular opinion, looks are not everything. Show a woman a man who can make her laugh and she'll be smitten, for a short time at least. Be warned though - sooner or later the jokes may start to wear thin, so even a budding stand-up comedian needs more of an all-round package to sustain her interest full-time, but even so, it's a great quality to have. Especially as most men just think they are hilarious

Even if he's got the looks of a Hollywood superstar, the chances are he also got a huge ego to match. Confidence is sexy, but over-confidence (bordering on the downright arrogant) is not- in fact, it's a major turn-off as far as most women are concerned. Do yourself (and her) a favour and employ some modesty, even if all you want to do is shout about your achievements from the rooftops. It will make you look better in the long run.

Attention To Detail
Attention to detail is good- but only when it comes to her appearance. Women often complain that men never notice their new hairstyle or outfit so take the time to not only notice the small details, but to compliment her on them. All women secretly love to be flattered and made to feel good about themselves.

Women love the security that comes with being in a relationship- they like to feel protected and safe that you will protect them. Maybe it's an old-fashioned notion now, but plenty of women hold romantic, supposedly out-dated ideals close to their heart- even in today's world of independent career women.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » What Women Really Want To See

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