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When it comes to relationships we get involved with those we are attracted to but what is the attraction factor? There are a variety of different factors or traits that we find attractive or unattractive in a particular person. It is said that we are superficial when we base our desire on the physical attributes of a person and even though a relationship can't be based on physical appearance alone, it is the first thing we notice when we meet someone. Upon meeting, you don't know a person's personality or any other endearing traits. But there are times when we are attracted to people that are not particularly attractive so what's the attraction factor?

It's hard to say really. There are times when you can just look in a person's eyes and know there is some sort of connection. Believers in reincarnation may assert that we are attracted to certain people because of an affiliation with them in a past life. Those who have an interest in metaphysics may ascribe to the theory that these attractions are due to the aura, the energy that surrounds the body. Since all things are composed of this energy in finer and denser forms that vibrate at different rates, it could be said that we are attracted to those with an energy vibration similar to our own. Then of course there is the possibility of soul mates. Some believe that we do in fact have soulmates with which we share an existence while others find that concept to be nothing more than a romantic notion.

The obvious reasons that find us falling in love with someone are personality, kindness, wit, charm and the way they make us feel but of course money and physical appearance can be a big attraction too. Those that are looking for more than a superficial relationship will tend to look deeper into the heart and soul of a potential mate. Sometimes their search leads them to an inner flame that lights a passion powerful enough to last a lifetime and beyond.

So what do you look for in a relationship? Only you can answer that question. Do you want security, unconditional love, diamond rings for every finger, great sex or all of the above? Seriously though, relationships are no laughing matter especially if you're contemplating a commitment for the long haul. You really need to know your chosen love because the beauty and fun of a whirlwind romance can be short-lived. If a flirtatious and fickle nature has you just out for fun, be careful that a good time doesn't lead to a ride down a dead end street. Know what you want before you commit. Keep in mind that just because the package is attractive doesn't mean the product is good.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » The Attraction Factor

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