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Passion In RedIf you are to believe the surveys and polls taken over the last couple decades, infidelity has reached an all-time high. What's more, women have been participating nearly as much in what was once a primarily male indulgence. Though statistics show a slightly higher percentage of occurrences among couples in higher income brackets, affairs have become prevalent across all demographics.

There are numerous factors that can contribute to a person's decision to involve one self in an affair. But one of the major reasons why incidents of extramarital entanglement have been on the rise is simply because there are more opportunities for them in this day and age. The sharp increase in the numbers of attached women and men feeling unfulfilled and the growth of adult dating sites catering to casual encounters has created a situation where spouses are likely to seek the attention of others to re-experience the excitement of a secret romantic affair.

Connections are oftentimes easily formed online because the people at adult dating sites are all seeking the same thing: a discreet affair. From the start, they may have much in common - mutual needs, as well as the desire to spice up their life with something beyond what they already have. Men and women who find their spouses unresponsive to their needs or passion are able to find more receptive partners online.

Flirtation can start out as a way of relieving either the tension or the boredom of life. It can be innocent enough in the beginning. But when it shifts from exchanging emails or chatting online to meeting offline, the relationship turns from one of casual flirting into a full-blown sexual affair. If you find yourself wanting to spend more time with your online partner more than you're anticipating the weekend with your wife or husband, it could be happening to you.

There are many temptations of modern life and what is clear is that casual affairs are becoming more prevalent. Most engaged in intimate affairs because the thrill of an affair can seem like a welcome escape from the tedious aspects of a familiar relationship. But do keep in mind that it is usually void of real intimacy and may harm the relationship you have with your significant other. As an adult, you'll have to weigh the risk along with your needs and desires.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » When Does Flirtation Turn Into an Intimate Affair?

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