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As the former Soviet Union has opened up to the West, more and more American men are discovering the beauty, charm and grace that only Russian women can offer. American men find Russian women intelligent, beautiful and loyal, and many happy marriages have resulted as Russian dating agencies have opened their doors.

Many of these happily married men report that their Russian brides are quite different than their American counterparts. One of the things that makes Russian women so special is the fact that the entire Russian culture places a strong value on motherhood and family. Thus, Russian women seem to be much more inclined than their American counterparts to find satisfaction in being a wife and mother.

Of course that does not mean that Russian women cannot work outside the home and find fulfillment there as well. Many American men are quite surprised at the level of education and achievement held by the members of Russian dating services. In most cases the women who use these arrangement services hold, or are currently working toward, college degrees, and some highly educated Russian women are very interested in finding the perfect American husband. It is not unusual to find doctors, lawyers, engineers and computer specialists among the clientele of the best Russian dating services.

It is no wonder that Russian dating services are enjoying such widespread popularity. As the word continues to spread, more and more American men will be looking to the former Soviet Union as a source of beauty, enchantment and romance.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » What Makes Russian Women So Special?

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