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The Perfect MatchHow many Western men seek to marry Russian women? Probably a lot more than you might suspect. Many Russian women are raised in a very different environment than American women, with emphasis placed on more traditional values such as home, family, and long-term relationships. As America has become increasingly institutionalized over the years, more and more American women have begun to value other things (such as career or a free, unattached lifestyle) over a strong relationship and a tight-knit family. This is not to say that all Russian women have no interest in a career or exploring their sexual options, or that all American women. It may be difficult for family-oriented Western men to find women in their own country who have similar priorities.

Well, you might want to know, what's in it for the Russian women? Are they just trying to get a free plane ticket to America? Every individual is different, of course, but most Russian women have valid and honest reasons for wanting to come marry a Western man and stick with him. The familial structure in Russia is sometimes quite different from that of America. Russian men are stereotypically known to drink heavily and beat their wives. Of course this is not true for all Russian men, but it is a documented fact that spousal abuse in Russia is much higher than that in America. Russian women tend to think that Western men are more kind and reliable than Russian men, which is, naturally, occasionally false and sometimes true, depending on the individual men. They believe that Western men do not abuse their wives nearly as often, which is statistically true, and that life in America with a Western man would be much more safe than one in their country with a Russian man.

Western men who have married Russian women are nearly always very happy with their decision. They find themselves in relationships with women who are not necessarily more docile or self-limiting than American women, but rather raised with a different set of values and more naturally inclined toward desiring close-knit families and strong, loyal relationships of their own volition than some American women in this day and age.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » The Perfect Match

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