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Although not all marriages between Russian women and American men are success stories, a majority of them can boast the "happily ever after" title. These marriages last for the simple reason that the two people involved married for complementary reasons.

In essence, the goal of both parties is a happy and secure family. Dating services and agencies provide the means by which couples may be introduced. Information is exchanged, meetings are arranged and relationships are begun.

Most Russian women, who look to other countries for a husband, are looking for a man who will provide security and love for them. They are not looking for wealthy men, but rather, they are looking for men who make a modest and honest living. They want to marry someone who will take care of them, love them and treat them with respect.

American men, who look to Russian women for a bride, are generally looking for an old-fashioned woman. They want a wife who wants to be in the home and not out in the workforce. Many American men have not met American women with old-fashioned values. These men want an old-fashioned type of marriage in which the woman takes care of the home, the husband and the children. In return, the husband provides financial and emotional support for the woman.

Another reason for the success rate of these marriages is the fact that fewer difficulties arise after the marriage has taken place. Why is this? Well, in particular, both the Russian women and their future husbands marry with the same intention, thereby eliminating any major misunderstandings. If both parties are looking for the same thing in a marriage, then fewer difficulties arise.

In general, the closer the age difference, the more likely the marriage will last. Very young Russian women make better wives for younger American men. When a younger woman marries an older man, she may experience a desire to spend more time with men closer to their age. But then again, love is a fickle thing.

Perhaps the key to these happily ever after marriages are not the fact that one partner is Russian and the other is American. Perhaps the real reason behind the success is that both individuals want the same thing and are willing to look to find it. And for some of us, that is a quest worth taking.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Happily Ever After - Russian Style

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