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Of course we all want to be healthy, but women would be a lot happier if they knew how many men enjoy a woman with (ahem) a little meat on their bones. It's tough for women who are bombarded with images of skinny women featured as models, movie stars and celebrities to think of yourself as sexy when you have some padding on your frame.

I never thought skin and bones was sexy years ago, a woman confided to me about men's preferences. She said, "Only a dog wants a bone." Big, beautiful women (BBW) know the secret that men like women who have some flesh. Don't get me wrong I'm not talking about men whose lust for large women borders on a fetish. What I'm talking about are women with bodies that are basically bigger, softer and a more ample than the average woman.

I'll tell you what's not sexy: being embarrassed about your body when you're with a man instead of enjoying yourself. Enthusiasm is sexy; Abandon is sexy. Having the lights on is sexy. Remember that men are stimulated visually so trying to make your thighs look thin by positioning them in a certain way or constantly covering yourself with the sheet isn't sexy. As one fellow commented, "By the time I'm up close and personal with a woman's thighs, I have other things on my mind."

A man once exclaimed to me in moment of passion, "You are so abundant!" Hey, I liked that. I'll take "abundant" and he meant it. He was reveling in me, and that can only lead to a good time for both of us. I was lucky to read something in a book when I was in my 20s that has served me well. This nugget of wisdom was, "If a man has seen you with your clothes on, he has a pretty good idea of what you look like with your clothes off."

It's a great concept to keep in mind. Your lover has seen you from all different angles. He is not going to remove your clothes (or watch while you remove them) and be shocked that there are some curves and flesh there. He has been attracted to you, so for all practical purposes, he knows what your body is going to look like.

So much of a woman's attractiveness is what she thinks about herself. Having beautifully pedicured feet, smooth, silky skin, and sparkling teeth all say you care about your body no matter what its size. Don't wait for some day when your thighs are finally firm enough, your stomach is flat enough or your bottom is perky enough to enjoy yourself in bed. Make the most of what you have; the confidence you project can only mean a far more lively time for you and your partner.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » The Secret More Women Should Know

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