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The swinger lifestyle is broad, and the types of people who participate in it vary widely. Couples often go swinging together, whether to swap partners or engage in other types of swinging play. Some people who are not in relationships, or even those involved with another person, prefer swinging alone. These people are known as singles swingers. There are different types of swinging for suitable for all combinations of people, commensurate with their preferences and level of experience.

The smoothest way to ease into the swinger lifestyle is to start off by participating in soft swaps. Soft swap swinging can be divided into three distinct categories: overall soft swap swinging, same room swinging, and girl girl only swinging. In soft swap swinging, two couples swap partners, but do no more than kiss and have oral sex. Full penetration is reserved for your original partner only. Same room swinging entails two separate couples having sexual contact with themselves, and never switching partners at all. This type of situation enables couples uninitiated into the world of swinging to step into it gradually by becoming aroused by viewing the other couple, ideally leading to couple swapping. Girl girl only swinging involves only the females in the two couples playing together. This is a highly popular form of swinging, since it allows the men to potentially become aroused by watching, and may satisfy bisexual or bi-curious women as well.

Full swapping (also known as wife swapping) occurs when two couples switch partners and engage in penetrative sex. This type of swapping doesn't have as many subgenres, which may make the rules of proper etiquette less clear. Keep in mind the following simple, universal swinging etiquette tips:

1. Always be polite and friendly to those you swing with or even consider swinging with. They may also be novices, struggling with their own insecurity and trepidation.

2. Respect the boundaries and feelings of others. If you notice that someone is becoming uncomfortable with the proceedings, stop and let them decide whether to continue or not.

3. If you are not interested in a particular swinging situation, or for whatever reason you suddenly change your mind, you have every right to say no, but try not to give an explanation unless completely necessary. Oftentimes explanations will cause more hard feelings than just the refusal itself.

4. Always have condoms on hand. Whether the activity is occurring between men and women, men and men, or a combination, some people prefer the security of condoms, while others do not. It is a good idea to have them around just in case.

5. Drinking in a swinging situation can sometimes eradicate inhibitions, but be wary of drinking so much that your sexual performance is hindered. Drugs as a whole are not usually favored among swingers. Of course, to each his own you might want to ask before deciding on a course of action.

6. After any swinging session, even if it wasn't what you'd hoped for or even very enjoyable, call the people involved the next day and thank them. This will leave a good impression in their minds, which could help you be invited back and/or referred to friends.

If you're worried about how to meet people with the same interest in the swinger lifestyle as you, look no farther than your own keyboard and Internet connection. There are a handful of excellent swinging websites to choose from that make it easy to meet other swingers online without any embarrassment or awkward situations whatsoever. Just remember to reply politely to all messages you may receive, whether you're interested or not. Online swinger sites make it safe and easy to find a variety of people with all sorts of swinging backgrounds who are interested in the same type of experience you are, whether it be soft swapping, full swapping, or a combination.

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