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What is the one element besides love that adds to the longevity of a relationship? The answer is trust. It sounds like such a simple word. It's not difficult to spell or pronounce yet to trust someone completely can be very difficult for some of us to do. Trust is the foundation of a relationship and if that foundation is not based on a strong sense of trust, it will eventually collapse. We see this happen in many relationships.

Once partners become suspicious of each other's actions, relationships tend to go downhill from there. When involved in a romantic relationship, we tend to be ruled by our hearts rather than our heads. At times, our suspicious nature gets the best of us. We may be right on target, but often our worries and doubts are totally unfounded. We tend to jump to conclusions. Jealousy has been referred to as a green-eyed monster and it can definitely bring out the monster within. Accusing your love interest of cheating without any substantial reason only serves to push the person you care about most, farther away from you.

When trust is lacking, a gulf forms between the two of you and sometimes it can be difficult to repair the bridge that unites you. It is often difficult to understand why people put themselves through this type of self-torture. Trust is a formidable issue in a relationship. Trust forms as a bond between two people and when that bond has been damaged, it may prove to be beyond repair. Trust is not automatic; it takes time to develop trust in a person. When trust has developed to such an extent that you trust someone completely and then you find they have betrayed you, it can be emotionally devastating.

Honesty is the best way to keep the bond of trust strong. If you find yourself unhappy in the relationship or if there are problems, make sure that your significant other is aware of your feelings. He or she is not a mind reader. Open lines of communication are necessary to a happy, healthy relationship. Relationships can fall apart simply because the lines of communication between two people have broken down. If you feel that the romance has gone out of your relationship, tell your partner how you feel.

Often, we get so caught up in other aspects of life that our relationships end up taking a back seat role. We find ourselves too busy with work and the daily demands of life to nurture and cultivate our romantic relationship. This can lead to frustration, exhaustion and eventually resentment. Instead of allowing this negative friction to tear down the walls of your relationship, take time to talk about your feelings with your partner. If you trust each other, you should be able to talk to each other openly and honestly. Take the first step in keeping your relationship strong and healthy. Trust your mate and let him or her know how you feel.

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Online Dating » Dating Articles » Trust is a Key Element in Relationships

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